Poetry from Mahbub

The Tomb

The fascination invested all around

Beguiled and made our trust diverted

Made the air poisonous

The fascination invested all around

Hacked and made our breath infected

Humanity today on the verge of jeopardy

Can’t shake our hands, stand in front of

Not to kiss nor to exchange love and hug

Remain one from the other apart

An unseen danger more than a tiger shrouded all over

How calamitous the present civilization!

Children getting admired afar from their father, mother, near and dear ones

Wives from husbands, fathers from mothers,

Brothers from sisters, lovers from the beloveds

Oh! The poor, helpless body trembling in temperature

Lips and hearts

Water rolling down on cheeks

How hungry, the pathetic world!

What do you teach us, dear?

Moving towards the sky the journey of the tempered body

Looming out of the darkness

We all go through

But the trance appears to be larger

Fly over the open blue sky

Twinkling the stars.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


The Sky at Noon

Suddenly the sky covered with darkness

Possibly it may rain very soon

The shady world focus a glimpse of light

The sky appeared to be whiter and at same time darker

Sparking and roaring with thundering

Birds are flying and chirping and in the nest taking their shelter

Over my head, so many petals and cottons

Walking as if it was a moonlit night

Soft as like as this

You held my hand and stepped out

We sat for enjoying the light.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


In This Lockdown World

In this lockdown world

Deer and dogs comes out to the paths

The trees make sound of the spring breeze

Blooming flowers spreading sweet scents

Birds and butterflies with their colorful feathers

Enjoy the beauty with new sights and spirits

Infatuated in love in this new world

I see and come back to my work

From the very noon this garland made for you

Dear, how can I reach?

I know you are on the other side waiting for me.

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


My Bygone Pastime

Chemicals sprayed all over the fields

On the wheat seeds

At the evening when they came back

All the hens, cocks and ducks at a time got attacked

Made me stunned, thundered down

They are lying dead before my eyes

Feel offended I failed to take the right care

When all my poultries became empty

I only stared at the sky

They’re floating on the white-colored feathers

I see the ducks on the water

I see the hens and cocks on my yard

Still now after so many years

O my love, can I let you go?  

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


How I am

How do you do?

It’s difficult to answer straight ‘fine’

My heart is losing, breaching and beating

Though no singing or beating the drums outside

You do, I do and certainly we do our daily walks of life

But the strength of mind the gig gag lights inside or outside

We really miss, an unknown fear hovers around

My brother is dying

My sister is dying

What is it flying around?

Bounds all to stay at home

How many more days should we stay

No one advances to make it out

Pains my heart

Listless to work

Can I say I am safe and sound?

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


I Stand Still

The sky seems to be deep and darker

A windy light peeps through

The leafs of the trees growing greener than yesterday

A silent breeze makes the leafs dance 

The birds are flying here and there

Busy with the nestles in the nest to feed and care

I stand still

No storm or thundering to become worried

Softens the world day by day

My heart leaps up with joy

A heavy rainfall we may enjoy

The fields clothed with the green grasses

We can walk through all the way

The moon always smiles on. 

Chapainawabganj, Bangladesh


Middle aged South Asian man with glasses and combed black hair and a white collared shirt
Mahbub The Poet