Poetry from Mark Young

 A line from Bruce Sterling
 A London based electronic 
 music producer uses
 Ukrainian water pipes &
 huge funnel clouds to 
 create movie special 
 effects. She calls this a
 non-populist activity, for
 she sees the resultant out-
 puts as works of scientific 
 art. There are images of 
 wreckage & personal 
 belongings, the inner 
 workings of cells. Debris 
 in the air, but an FX
 hurricane manages to keep 
 the place looking spotless.
 A line from Léopold Sédar Senghor
 A user-centric evaluation 
 framework means older 
 people have more problems 
 learning new systems, even
 when there is improved 
 access to a variety of 
 language structures. We 
 noted an anomaly: re-
 dundancy on both the 
 systems & user side means
 that nominal data is never 
 uniform in the interval
 between successive work-
 outs. When you're indoct-
 rinated, not even a lullaby
 will smooth the readings.
 A line from Stormy Daniels
 I usually stay away from 
 writing self-centered self-
 help articles, let the feed 
 dogs pull the triangles into 
 position. That center triangle 
 is very critical. But, different 
 houses, a different set of rules
 for the game of Go. A year 
 of headlines about Russian 
 interference; & I feel like I'm 
 running through a minefield
 looking for red lines to remove.
 A line from Cyndi Lauper
 In the Darwinian world of
 the digital switchover, broad-
 casters were evacuated due 
 to a major embolism, possibly
 the biggest thing to happen 
 since the introduction of color. 
 Don't blame the government—
 the High Court judgement was 
 flawed. Amnesty International 
 has been sounding the alarm 
 for more than a year that the TV
 channels had strong incentives 
 to grow their audiences through
 human trafficking. Now they sit
 there, heels on fire, cutting every
 cost without fear of any penalty.