Poetry from Mark Young

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Stressed & lethargic? An

exegesis of this difficult

subject is illuminating—the

function of the image as some-

thing that depicts not through

reproduction but through a

process of dismantling. Some-

times the only option is to

assess the relevance of each

rule in a reference resolution

system to eliminate all extremes

of elaboration. Sites rise to the

surface. Supplemental queries

seem to have a limited lifetime.

more things happening

We have deleted a whole

collection of scenes in which

we have either half-closed eyes

or a strange grimace. But even

with the eyes fully closed we

still see light — it’s a form

of phosphene induced by

movement or sound. Put your

hand or a hat or another object

close to the camera & the audi-

tory input to your ears changes

dynamically, induces a plasticity

in the brain. Causes that strange

grimace: which we later delete.


I am bald. Bald of hair, bald of clothes, bald of parents, bald of love, &, worst of all, I am bald of voles. I am interested only in the club t-shirt & bumper sticker.

Earlier this year at a business dinner I enjoyed my favourite eland steak. Beautiful, purple/red color. The taste is big & that specific note of lavender in the background just fills the mouth. Hints of oak, with fruity aromas & solid overtones of smoky but not dominating leather. 

No one around here seems to carry it. That wildness when young is thought to be a problem. As it ages, though, the roughness & acetone notes are swept away. But the aftertaste lingers, long & pleasant, vanilla notes & bags of fruit. I miss the “naughty boy” touch, so full of body that my arm hairs rise!

a mechanistic understanding of the marsh plant

The website has not worked as well

as it could. The Yin & Yang broke

down into their Five Elements, but

half of the combinations were dis-

allowed. Nothing can be achieved

without interaction; so, to compensate,

we play a game from your distant

past. Those dominant themes of dark

& darker pose a much more com-

plicated problem than improving

the telemetry used to track the

spring migration of female pintail

ducks that winter south of the Equator.

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