Poetry from Mark Young

Paging Darwin

An internal investigation into
the goanna’s supply chain

reveals that the widely-held
belief that its hierarchy of IT-

related capabilities functions
using three dimensions of inte-

gration is not only wrong but it is,
overall, a far less efficient reptile

than the similarly-named but un-
related inhabitants of Central &

South America plus some isolated
islands off the coast of Ecuador.

Through the eyes

The council were looking both
to compensate & to provide
the government with evidence

that their project could be made
legitimate & would make some-
body a lot of money. None of it

was real. That seemed obvious
to me & I was only eight years
old. No-one else seemed to notice.

An existing location can no longer be displayed

A clear understanding of electrolyte
characteristics within the existing
student population, with the fragment

sizes generated by current DNA & capable
of producing next-generation residential
expansion, has been the focus of urban

planners seeking to identify a single
source of truth that includes check in/check
out capabilities & specialist spare parts.


Choosing to walk this way
though other paths are easier.
In with the old, even if the
futures market seems to pre-
dict that genetically modified
crops are the way to grow.

But where will the money come
from? For the poor especially
it does not grow on trees that
do not grow. Landscapes of
drought or flood, playing fields

where insurgents surge to preach
religious intolerance. Nothing
gets through. A single variant
good – if that’s the term – for a
single season since new seeds need
to be bought to plant another crop.