Poetry from Mark Young

A line from Shirley Jackson

I was a cafeteria worker who had
relocated in response to the direct
socio-economic impact of drought.
Was approached, agreed to take

part in a new study on human
mobility. Report released, found
digital traces generated by cellphone
calls follow power law distribution

with β values & can therefore cause
hair loss as well as diminishing cog-
nitive abilities. I couldn’t see how
that affected me so I moved again.

A line from Gloria Vanderbilt

Which spam kill is your favorite?
Doesn’t matter what you answer
because they’re all about to die
thanks to upcoming rule changes.

This is a natural progression of the
male domain — don’t like the out-
comes so legislate to stop them
happening — which is why it really

doesn’t grab me. I offer up chance
with its surfeit of supporting clichés
for my ignoring the man-made strict-
ures forced upon organic structures.

A line from Nancy Pelosi

I keep getting the following

error message — “Sand is a useful

resource for the development

of any society, but reacts viol-

ently with both comprehensive

& incomprehensible sexual

motives.” Based on the Henky-

von Mises theory of energy,

ozonation of return-activated

sludge typically occurs in a

linguistic search engine that

has been designed to help you

write better. Because of that,

each of our used cars is avail-

able for shipment to the con-

tinental U.S. There they are

checked for vertigo, & their peri-

pheral nerve endings subjected

to an inventory before being re-

leased into the wider population.

A line from Frida Kahlo

The last few months have been

tumultuous. Mao’s forces were

poised along the river; San Fran-

cisco has its third mayor in two

months. Now workers in the UK

have been nominated for four

People’s Choice Awards along with

a K-pop boys band whose name

escapes me for the moment. Instead

of the shotgun, spray-&-pray app-

roach they’ve previously used, Levi

Strauss & other multinationals have

taken careful aim on the American

market, have the urban middle class

firmly in their sights with their message

of pain. We aim to arrive around six.