Poetry from Mark Young

Five geographies:

Dushanbe (2)

The markets, held on the
second day after Saturday,
gave the city its name. Was
once called Stalinabad, &
the trolleybuses, with their
livery of the national colors
still carry Stalinist slogans.
Passengers wait for their
buses outside the markets;
& even though Stalin is no
longer alive & today is Thurs-
day, there is no confusion.

Coney Island

A fundamental characteristic

of the scientific & operational

principles underlying leger-

demain is that not all Ferris

wheels are created equal.


The subset A of a top-
ological space X is
the set-off point for so
many claims & cross
claims. Plus, each party
can be both a party

attacking & a party de-
fending so the activity
has the potential to
increase quite drama-
tically. & given that the
parties in question are

a narwhal & the aurora
, both of whom
have lived here for many
centuries, there are a lot
of other parties making
claims & counter claims.


The Red Ants are demolishing
trauma counseling, replacing
it with nativity sculptures in
recycled paper & precious Italian
marble. Nobody else gets a look
in, except for a boy playing with
his ball, & an oxygen mask that
is also used as a sharpening tool.


No services are departing

this stop within the next

90 minutes. Which gives

some historical context

but minimal idea of the

threat of human impact—

even though amphibians are

already experiencing a mass

extinction. Not all literary

traditions begin with epic nar-

ratives of kings & conquests.