Poetry from Michael Agee

A Wall

I have a wall, and I shall paint it with all the colors of freedom and of friendship and trust. This wall shall be a lasting testament to the eternal power and magic of love.

I have a wall and it will be covered with images of windows filled with beauty and doorways of all sizes that open to gardens and cities and rolling hills filled with earth’s rich bounty, given to all.

This wall shall come from my heart and faeries shall sit lightly on mushrooms and beckon weary travelers to rest a while under shady trees and by laughing brooks filled with trout.

The foundation of this wall shall be wonder, its stones and mortar the quintessence of every shared delight, and running in eternal spirals it shall be crowned o’er top with the radiance of glory and truth and loving kindness.

Keys to the doors will grow like flowers on both sides of this wall, and every person who approaches with any need, or feelings of pain, fear, or defeat shall be uplifted and fulfilled by attaining its presence.

This wall-of-the-heart joins, not separates. This wall rises as testament and monument to the bonds that free rather than shackle. This wall is built by approaching with clear eye the difficulties and differences that seem to drive us apart but that, when touched by the delicate, sure hand of the Artist, reveal our deepest humanity.