Poetry from Michael Amitin

Wild Black Tree….   a tribute to Colin Kaepernick

Glory stadium, frenzy ball

he dropped to one knee

hair blowin like a wild black tree

in the rocky american twilight

crowd boos mighty

street urchin railers, merchant street traders

battered tin star sailors

Morning hijacked coffee paper

bristling at the edge of no return

whistling smart meter burns,

bongo tart urns, in the

dig dog graveyard

Patriotic anti-bodies walzing desert storms

four to the floor kiss your baby goodbyes

billy club dancers on white wash street

pie-eyed meet-ups, Charlottsville

bling ringers circadian circus singers

tulip brides, galaxy aisles

Touch down passes

night glass windows

shattered, he took a knee

enough of that cop chop black egg beater beat

street cheating panoply of

fucked up racist disguise

plantation meat

rally flag flying at Camp Marine

swap shop prisons

build the Dell jisms

make em glistening pennies from heaven, warden

sweat your unleavened soul in the noonday sun

Sweet rivers sing holy hymns

saturn jungle jims, gunga din

riding poplars across the old beat road

took a knee

to the groin

railroaded out to the sidelines

of soot stadium, smoking a love it or leave it joint

Flame O’

Slid up the Himalayas

Got down to the top of his breathe

Golden flame, flower shaded

Purple road snaking exhaust exhaled

Paradise, no waiting lines

Woke up from wondering

What i could become


Doublebass roll

Monk-a coco

Stride vapor pianos

Nothing-left-of me winds

Clouds a purple train sky

Faraway from icy rivers

In my walking cane, ferryboat rhapsody

Bouys of silver tones bobbing yesteryear’s sea

Chirping seeds, yardbirds, kinks

When my

Bottled bootstraps unhinged

Scaled awkward mountain

Slipped all the way down there

I want to live in a Doris Day movie

Seen enough pain

To marinate a rising tide

Maria Callas sing me home Vissi d’arte

Burlesque circus streams

Fire night borneo walkers

Velvet warm mantras spokes from silent wharfs

Dark star taverns

Caverns of winds, wired night mind highways

Silent stars where I’ll Rest my case

Shakedown Train

She eyes my cagey baggage

stamped backroad spades

says i’m glad to see you this

Awakening Train

St Vitus seat, rub drowsy eyes..

strange artifacts

sour sea smells

train stewards passing out cream puffs,

rough stuff pamphlets for burnt-eye passengers

Night train sputters out of the station

Chirping bird flutters,,

a manifesto hatched in twisted eggs noirs

blinded by dust light

motes tumbling in high places

believing a bright orange savior squeezing

juice..all the way to the promised land..

Same train took Moses to fire breathing hell

Same engine mowing down brothers and sisters

on night street in americas

i slide past porters and borders

slide into my metamorphic day suit

loose as a spread-eagle goose, come out grinning

shaking hands, giving it all away

army of love and compassion, freedom for all

visions of peaecful roads

where the dead walk by my side through

twisted waterfall wonderlands

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