Poetry from Michael Marrotti

Freedom is OverratedĀ 

Certain people

are far from


When they hear me

proudly proclaim

my allegiance

to the Light Of Life

Rescue Mission

through volunteering

Some people say

the food isn’t

all that great

Other people say

they force Jesus

on you

There’s also

people who say

it’s restrictive

no man should

have a curfew

I consider all

these potentially

pertinent points

as I enjoy

a delectable meal

courtesy of

Light Of Life

before my shift

On my way

to the cafeteria

I think of Jesus

wine and the

blood of Christ

Jesus has saved

many people

from relapsing

I think of rent

and how much

it sets me back

each month

as I serve food

to a homeless man

who once lived

better than I did

I take into consideration

after the completion

of my shift

how all that freedom

has dragged these men

down to the bottom

of society

I have a new life


by thinking

for the first time

in my life

that maybe freedom

in this particular


is a bit overrated