Poetry from Michael Robinson

Wrong side of the Tracks

I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks,

But not today.

I grew up believing that I would not make a difference,

But not today.

My elementary school mentor said: “All you bad motherfuckers are going to jail,”

But not today.

I grew up in a world of violence, incest, rapes, and deaths,

But not today.

And as the people watch the world burn, I throw water on the fire,

Because today the world belongs to me.

The Collection

Tears collect on the dresser,

Undergarments that have never been worn.

Your perfume lingers in the evening air.

My soul longs to touch your breast.

One thought on “Poetry from Michael Robinson

  1. Michael,
    You have written from the depths of your soul and it touches me deeply. You now have the promises of new days dawning and my spirit is with you.

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