Poetry from Michael Robinson

Star Night Star Bright

Shooting stars shooting past me;

Shooting guns shooting at me,

Shooting stars shooting past shooting guns.

A soul shooting past shooting stars.

There’s hope that I will survive the night.



Stay with me tonight until the sunrises, so I can forget the past, as the cold swear flows through my body. Hold me, but not too tight to suffocate me. I long for the nectar of your gentle warmth next to me. Watch for the demons that have chased me thought-out my life. Pray as I atone for my sins. Kiss me to awaken me to your love. The scent of rosemary on your body reminds of our connection. Your soul reaches for my essence and we both are connected.

Walking to School

A razorblade hidden under my jacket sleeve.

My nappy hair has been combed and brushed;

My ashy skin is covered up with petroleum jelly.


I didn’t get a hug before I left home this morning—

I pray that I’m not killed today.

I did not get my hug this morning.


Rainy Season

This is the season of bullets fallen from the sky,

I wonder if my name is on one.

I hear a girl screaming as the bullet strikes,


The blood rolls down the sidewalk from her white dress,

There’s so much blood in the inner-city.

Images of death follow me into the evening as the moonrises.



Life Lived

After Carol Frost: Autumn Tune

I know of losses, apples with one bite taken out of them and then thrown into the garden for worms, ripening bananas turned into brown sugar spotted stains. A picture hanging over my bed reminds me of a love from the past. Ideas that were spoiled by clouds moving too fast. A sore tongue that only have spoken vulgar words…Women wearing mini-skirts give me hope that I would feel the love of a woman.