Poetry from Michael Robinson

Some Place 

For Donna Simons 2017


I’ve been someplace special,

Where the sun speaks to the moon,

While the mountains listen.


I’ve been someplace where my soul dances,

And my heart speaks in its native tongue,

Some place where I come to life.


Some place where my Mother,

Sings with her soul,

And I hear every word.


Never the Same


Investigate my soul,

Smell the freshness,

Held in the spirit.


Do not speak harsh words,

Do not send me away,

Before you smell the essence of life.


Always Praying 


In the mildness of the winter snows,

While the wind blows,

and my lips speak.


My memories are of you,

My awareness grows,

And you my love is the touch of spring.



I never did mind the wax melting in my soul,

Nor did the brightness of the moon light bother me,

While God whispered into ear.


My Soul


My soul washed ashore,

In the middle of winter,

While the owl spoke.


Never did I mind the chill in the air,

Or the frost on the ground,

Under God’s wings did I find comfort.