Poetry from Michael Robinson



Michael Robinson (right) and fellow contributor Joan Beebe


Remember the flowers singing in the morning showers,

While the yellow finches flew above the clouds,

And the grass was our bed.


Those days were familiar to our souls,

Something that kept our skin soft,

Our hearts fresh.


Nothing compares to those moments,

I now watch the cardinals and think:

How unique our love has become?

Open Hearts


A glass of wine while the fire place roars,

Two candles on the dining room table,

You are wearing my old jersey.


No clouds in the skies,

Just those two rainbows,

We expose our love under the sunlit skies.



Sunday Morning Breakfast


It’s familiar our romance we share,

It has been always a quiet stillness,

A growing interest in life.

A single kiss.

While we celebrate our love,

Love meant to last through the ages.





A rainbow in the skies,

To kiss a rose without touching the torn,

Honey fallen from the beehive,

We are two butterflies in the field of no tomorrow.



Climbing Trees


Never had a tree house,

Just climbed the tree,

With it autumn leaves changing colors.


Hanging onto the limb and watching the leaves fall,

Just like when I was born,

Fallen from the tree.


It was warm and gentle,

New and exciting to be born,

It was climbing trees that made me love life.





One last Our Father and Hail Mary,

One last touch of Holy Water on my forehead,

One last look into the votive candle.




Don’t know if I was a sinner,

Just wanted to live life,

Don’t know if I was a sinner,

As I took a sip of wine while standing on the corner.

Don’t know if I was a sinner as I watched the prostitutes,

Wearing their hot-pants and tightly fitted blouses.

Haven’t figured it out, if I was a sinner,

When I saw street life up close and personal.

Never thought about it all when I drunk the Blood of Jesus turned into wine,

Never know the difference between the Father, Son, or Holy Ghost.

All I knew was God loved me,

Even when I never knew that I was a sinner.


You Know Me


When you use to wear your hair up,

Curls and that ravishing red color hair

With those little freckles on your silk skin.


I knew it was when although it had been 50 years,

Since we last embraced one another.

It was the night that I told you my love for you.


The door was cracked open and the bed was warm,

I reached out for you and you were gone.

Yes, I know you as we stand in the check out line.