Poetry from Michael Robinson

Spirit in the Moon’s Light

My body washed ashore in the Moon’s light,

My flesh dripping with blood from floating in the sea of human misery,

My human vessel now is torn from stem to stern.

In this the midnight of my life,

I search for my mother,

Searching for a connection before the sun raises and my flesh begins to burn.

Lying on the breach alone attempting to cast away all my fears,

I seek to be united with my mother.

Crying into the sand as my tears mixes with the ocean waves.

I do not pity myself,

I will not reach out for forgiveness,

I will cry for my lost soul.

Remorse set within me for I shall not find her,

I have little faith now that I shall ever met her before my death,

And now as the sun raise the pain is to great to continue to live.

In this moon’s light,

I fade into the sand,

My body washes out with the morning tide having never seen my mother.