Poetry from Michael Robinson


I light a candle in my heart for you in the evening of my life,
Remembering life that your eyes reflect,
I sit silently remembering your gentle words of kindness.

Your touch has awakened my spirit;
My soul glows,
Now the world makes sense.

Two Candles

Alone the light begins to dim, as my breath ceases
Sharing your breath with me, the light begin to rise and glow.

Sadness disappears into the shadows as life returns,
Your spirit burns within me,
Two glowing spirits of life in this one flame

Moments of Life

If this moment is true there are no lies.
Life becomes real, .
Love connects to lost souls.

Second Look

Her skin was dark,
Black skinned woman with a wonderful smile,

The first time she looked at me,
A joyous moment,
A moment of truth.

I felt empty when the bus arrived at the stop,
A brief moment of silence,
With one more glance.

2 thoughts on “Poetry from Michael Robinson

  1. Dear Michael,
    Your poetry always reaches deep inside of me, Michael. You find ways to express so well the enduring memories of life. May 2016 bring you much happiness, health and faith in the future. Our friendship grows and will be strengthened more as we go through the New Year together.

  2. You share a passion of my true spirit in this life. We are connected by the beauty of life through our words. Thank you so much Joan you mean so much to me. May these coming days and seasons bring you many riches of the soul.

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