Poetry from Michael Robinson

Fall Day

The noise of the summer is over,

The breeze of fall showers of leaves falls over me,

I’m left with a sense of wonderment,,

My spirit is captive by new emotions,

Old fears dissolve into something that has passed by,

Watching for a sunrise that I now can see,

The summer with its heat,

As the sweat falls down my face,

I can remember the gunshots,

But it’s different in the fall,

As I reach maturity,

It’s refreshing to watch the moon’s glow,

Darkness has its own peace.


My Mother

Her hair is silver,

Her hands stiff with from the winter winds,

Her face is still soft,

My hair is gray,

My thoughts are full of sweetness when I remember you,

The house was warm in the fall,

I watched the oil lamp burn,

And I felt safe,

The summer with all its noise and gunshots is over,

I survived and now I enjoy your sweet kiss on my cheeks.


Fall of 1963

I remember your sweet breath and soft lips

Pressing against my cheeks,

I watch you as you wash the sheets,

And hang them on the clothes line,

You are always busy with housework,

And from a distance I watch,

While the words form on my tongue,

I love you but it’s never loud enough for you to hear.


It’s Saturday Night

The week past by with the sound of gunfire,

Noise filled the house with babies crying,

Bitter sweat falls down my cheeks,

Into my mouth,

I can’t wait for the fall.


Fall Sleep

Its fall and there’s something special taken place,

It’s dark in the early evening,

She gets on the bus,

I saw you this morning as the sun was risen,

You always head to the back of the bus,

And I wonder what your life is like,

My life is peaceful now that it’s fall once again.



The sun is hot,

Sweat falls into my eyes,

The wind blows and the leaves land on my head,

The snow is wet as it covers me,

And in the spring I bloom.




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