Poetry from Mike Zone

Fat man profile narration

“He’s been maimed-

beyond all recognition.”

said over his corpse

but not dead

may as well be

a Hitchcock sonata

of murder most foul

carnal anatomy

with a hint of vertigo deception

A lesson in Alchemy

Han Shan on Cold Mountain

sutras tumbling down

ice clinks in the glass

a beer for the devil

whisky for me

whores bring the holy

wine sunset

divine lunar light

flesh circus of infinite sight

here we all thought- we were dead

in the glory of slow crawl

evolution and future tense

pleasure domes

Khan of Ka upon present moments


When you wish what was lost

was never found

fully abound madness

a celebration within meditation

atom bomb, you can go home now

we’ve already buried the world

for good


false muse and me

Left Jim Morrison by the sea

highway haze- gettin’ to me

between heaven and hell- paradise shit

hysteria, drag queen lovers, reptile queens

she said, all golden haired “…know-it-all, little old man who lives in a shoe.

I make $35 an hour, what are you, just some warehouse clown?”

I could’ve loved her once

perhaps she could’ve become attached to me

but we didn’t

subterranean homesick blues among Shelly and Keats

drag queen passenger confession

genuine empathy over hash, eggs and reefer

no romance but reality

the internal panic- zen

a flight from poetry, I can never escape