Poetry from Mimi Lou Martin

A Tribute to World War II Veterans

and To All of Those Who Know

By Mimi Lou Martin

There are those who know

Listen to them and look into their eyes

They understand true courage, duty, and the pain of sacrifice  

Wrapped in innocence they journeyed into darkness, not knowing if it would take their life

They put service before self so future generations wouldn’t have to take the same perilous path   

Years may dim memories but not their valor and the deeds they did for you and me  

Listen to them, look into their eyes, they all know the price paid for being free

There are those who asked not that their life be saved, but that they may be calm to complete their assigned duties and save others that day   

There are those who know what hunger and starvation looks like and how it feels to move lifeless soldiers out of the way     

Look into the eyes of those who know how the green grass turned blood red 

And then tell others who don’t know   

Tell them to look at the stars and stripes and listen to those who know  

Then give thanks and say thank you to all of those who know