Poetry from Moustafa Dandoush

“Always will”

You always want to say goodbye

I always want you to ask why

You always want to do what you want

I always agree with everything you want

You always want to escape far away

I always want you to stay

You always claim you are protecting me

I always say that your farewell hurts me

You always say that we can’t still

I always say that I always will.


I’m over the moon;

When I try to count,

Her uncountable beauty spots.

I’m over the moon;

When I try to describe,

Her indescribable beauty.

I’m over the moon;

When I try to differentiate,

Her eye-colours during the day.

I’m over the moon;

When I try to live with,

Her my imagistic dream.

“Let me – Sugar Gem”

My precious sugar gem,

I’ve waited long to get my chance.

Let me be yours to show you, my gem,

That our fates are never by chance.

Let me look after your heart,

and show you how to love nicely.

Let me hold your hand,

and wipe your tears gently.

Let me raise you up to the mountain’s peak,

So you will touch the sky,

And show you the greatness I seek,

Which is positioned into your eye.

Let me lead you to tomorrow’s light,

and heal you from all the pain,

’cause, now, all what I want

is to see you smiling again.

So, fly with me, my beautiful one.

It’s time we leave the past.

I’m yours, and you are mine.

We’re finally together at last.

Moustafa Dandoush

BA Degree in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities specialized English Literature and Language at Tishreen University.