Poetry from Moustafa Dandoush

“Wo ai ni!”

Teach me how you dealt

with our relationship after what happened.

Teach me how I can talk to you

Without expressing my love feelings to you.

Tell me who is the reason

You, me or our fate?

Now, if I don’t have a heart,

That because you were my heart.

Then We were torn apart

No doubting, you and your thoughts beat me.

Teach me please how else I can say;

I will love you till the day I die.

“Spontaneous girl”

Doing things spontaneously

Makes me fall in love with her spontaneously.

Thinking in a spontaneous way

Makes me love her more in a spontaneous way.

Changing her eye-colours spontaneously

Makes me note the changing time spontaneously.

Expressing her spontaneous feelings

Makes me give her all my spontaneous feelings.

Spontaneously, I’m into this spontaneous girl.

“So don’t!”

I loved you in a way

That it might hurt myself

I loved you until

I’ve seen your flaw became privileges

I’ve told them

That you’re special

So, Don’t humiliate me

I love you

And, I don’t know!

What are my love limitations?

I never want to lose you

But, I will love you forever.