Poetry from Nancy Schluntz

Earth Speaks


The day the earthquake struck

We danced with the moving earth,

Unaware that a short distance away

Lives were lost,

Buildings crumbled,

Cars crushed,

Roads buckled,

And the earth tore herself open.

Here among green trees

Life abounds

A creek flows nearby

While not far away acres and homes burn,

Lives and livelihoods

Uprooted, lost.

But for a shift of wind,

A match, a lightning strike,

Fire could burn this dry place, too.


We drove across the Great Plains

Green crops stretched

Horizon to horizon,

And understood how people here

Could not fathom

Limitations to the earth’s resources:

The edge felt by city dwellers

Where food and shelter,

Space and water,

Are dear.


Oceans rise,

Weather patterns shift,

Animals leave or die,

Yet we cling to what was once

Dependable, predictable

And ignore the messages

From an earth who’s

Had enough.


Nancy Schluntz is an intuitive animal communicator, animal Reiki practitioner, and Animal Chaplain. Her practice is dedicated to helping animals and their people deepen their understanding and relationship. She provides compassionate grief support for pet loss and in times of life transitions. Nancy has contributed pieces to several anthologies and publishes a blog on her website, www.NancySchluntz.com. Her books, Hand in Paw, a Journey of Trust and Discovery, and Animals on Reiki: Teachings on the Principles of Energy Healing, are available on Amazon.com.