Poetry from Nathanial Caudel

There are far too many in the world

For anyone to try and number.

Yet they all after a while

will send many into a deep slumber.


There is no doubt that religion in itself

will bore you out of your mind.

I believe we get the gist of it:

let us all be kind.


What is so wrong with religion you may ask.

How about their hypocritical values on which they stand?

A world full of hunger and poverty

but hardly ever do they lend a hand.


Religion at its core may be ideal:

however, now money is the main goal.

Far from what it should be:

to give hope, love, and peace to hurting souls.


Many people see religion as a way

to be able to connect personally to the universe.

All it seems to do is give hope to those

who need it before riding in the back of a Hearse.