Poetry from Neila Mezynski


Boys and Men Men

– Sharp, quiet fast. Lickety loose. Do get it. Windblown . Please.

– Surly, red-belly man. Defend his lack of care. Plenty of not that. Smirk skirt, issue. Roadblock.

– Henpeck blind by both. Comfortable tune out. Don’t raise voice, get slammed. Don’t care really. One track mind. Quality.

– Don’t think. Keep them demon at bay. Sit now oh driven one. Disposal. Blast off tumbleweed. Care too much.

– Don’t need help, any. Please.

– Sick and red beard round shoulder hump back waist. Suspender. Need no new diet now. Got it all figured out. Stuck.

– Red face high ego might. Mostly insecure specially when the ground is ripped from under. Them too. Showboat left. Snooty snoot.

– Don’t say much except okay. Efficient. Sexy. Chocolate.

– Big belly baby. gotta ? now? later? Lamppost.

– Shaking finger big quick brain. Hard to keep up with that fast. Anything for a friend. Gold.

Neila Mezynski