Poetry from Patrick Ward


As I sit in my chair, in the late evening.

I heard a sudden tap.

I glanced over at the kitchen sink.

However, the Delta faucet wasn’t leaking .

So, by now, the spirit of being puzzled,

took over my natural senses..

The tapping has to be the,

result of a major malfunction.  .  .

But, where?

And what could it possibly be?

Suddenly, the tapping sound stopped.

Then, I went into my living room to sip my,

freshly, hot, brewed, cup of tea.

When the peaceful sound of silence,

came to a screeching halt.

It was that same tap.

Only, this time, it was accompanied by a floating orb.

It bounced up and down all across the house.

A distant moan was heard.

It appeared to be coming from a bedroom window.

Overlooking an ancient cemetery.

I opened the window shade to see,

If I could detect anything unusual.

But there was nothing out of the ordinary.

So., the thought fled my mind for awhile.

Then, I was startled by a bloodcurdling scream that came,

from the front balcony.

And yet, again, nothing was seen.

The wind picked up ferociously.

The shutters were madly rattling.

The wind eventually stops.


But the rattling of the shutters continued.

The lost souls won’t rest

Due to a violent past.

The spirits linger on.

The sounds remain.

Echoing from the grave.


Chains of imprisonment surround the environment.

Anxious to break free, but the invisible chains of the prison-bars forces access to be denied.

Trapped! Inside these four walls, and no sign of a passage.

Wanting the same thing as anyone else does, the prisoner is serving unjustly.

Denied freedom towards the innocent is a violation of human rights.

And so it is with the physically disabled.

He, or she is trapped inside of their own body.


An imprisoned shell,

accompanied, and surrounded by,

a sea of unkind chains.

Binding to the soul,

is an unknown force.

That’s crumbling up the heart,

robbing it of its joy.


Subwoofers are blasting!

As the music vibrates across the room.

The base is pounding at a rapid pace.

Steadily shattering the windows.

My favorite music never sounded so good.

The precision in clarity is out of sight.

Listening to my custom built sound system.

I’m living in a world of sound.


While a light breeze gently rattles the tree leaves.

A calmness fills the soul.

As if God is saying “everything is going to be alright ‘.”

Through the wind, God calmly speaks.

As though He created nature,

to use as a form of communication.

Whispering winds utter His majestic name.



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