Poetry from Patrick Ward

When I was a young lad, I had the wonderful experience of planting something,

then watching it grow.

I’d drop the seed into the rich dirt, and let nature take its course.

The rain and the sun played a huge role in their natural growth.

So I sat by and watched God and mother nature perform their masterpiece.



There he hides.

Hibernating in his shell.

The reason for his shyness is unknown.

The other turtles wondered,

how come he was so shy?
Then one day, the reason was discovered:

The turtle seemed to have an uncontrollable snap.

All the other turtles could control their snaps.

But he, well he just couldn’t control his snap.
So, his deformity was made public.

It was rumored that he was being made fun of.

He finds out that it was his fellow turtles, making fun of him.

Determining that he had enough, he starts drinking coffee.

And abruptly spits it back at them.
And so the ole saying goes.

It’s better to “leave well enough alone”.

Than to have a snapping turtle chasing you.

You can become curious, yeah.

But, beware of the snap.


Dwelling in a house of memories, a mist, strangely lurks about.

It appeared to be a figure in the form of a face, with a smirk like grin.

A spine tingling chill elevates up and down the hair risen back,

of a shell shocked soul.

Although it smiles, it has an evil sensation to its apparitional being.

It was a trace of an evil man from time forgot.

Rumor has it that he had died smiling,

but it was with an evil intention against his neighbor.

So the spirit roams around, hauntingly frightens whomever goes into the house.

So go in, if you dare, and beware of the wandering smile.


What to my shocking wandering,

is a nutty clown?

A performing man in,

a clown painted face,

doing funny, outrageous tricks?

Perhaps, perhaps indeed.
Oh, but his tricks went far beyond sane.

For he’d do stuff that,

would make the average clown blush with shame.

Relax, relax, he’s not nutty.

He’s just acting.


Light reflects the objects of debris.

The moonlight reveals what’s on the earth’s surface.

Otherwise hidden in the dark of night.

Unseen until light exposes the elements.
The simple pleasures of going out at night,

are satisfying to the soul.

The lighting of the scenic beauty sets a calm mood.

Brightened by the night’s glistening glamor.

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