Poetry from Piotr Kasjas

Children of the Stars
translated by Artur Komoter

We children of the stars –
Atoms of life
Born of cosmic dust
In the cold darkness of the galaxies

In a tiny fraction of their existence
We children of the stars –

They arose from silence
Descendants of the white dwarves
Thrown out of the emptiness

In their rocky blocks

We children of the stars –
Lonely wanderers
From the stellar tumuli

Lost in the abyss of self-discovery
We create and we die

We children of the stars –
The only source of life
The pagans and believers
The only ones present

With the soul of the universe

Before the remaining feelings fade
translated by Artur Komoter

We muse more often about time,
which passes with our every step.
And every day we ask ourselves:

why is life escaping from us into the gray?

Let’s hide in our love,
before the remaining feelings fade,

before the source of hope dries out.

Let us hear out the sunny dreams,
Let the wise words speak out,
That are full of the need to break the silence

– let them express their grief.

Let’s draw away from the unrest,
Let us reject ideas that frighten us
And with tears in our eyes, let us love,

Without the fear of losing the whole world.

Let’s go back to the teenage years,
full of dreams and wild journeys.
And let’s take care of what could happen tomorrow,

to happen today.
Piotr Kasjas