Poetry from Ross Bryant

These Words

Inhale on an impale, stale gale
Wind pipers piping light
Lubricated lyrical spirit fear
Fused amusement bemused barking
Inward swarms of pulsating prose
From embryos born for the beat,
Beat, beat of a feet shackle rattle
And cul de sac cattle nearing
Atmosphereing held so dear oh dear
Forever endeavours near temporarily
Weather clear steering, clung to
To acidic tongue less bananananana split
You were a poet and you didn’t
Know it
Down sulphuric streets
And cyanide cities sizzle pity
For peroxide prose sprouting
Roses for gargantuan razor
Behaviour eyes wander the big
Big, big blue ponderous came
Methane planes blowing fire from
Bulging bowels belated burns
Steaming cup of couplets and
Palatable plates of never late
Late, later si o nara see you
Never been scenesters blow it
You were a poet and you didn’t
Know it
Deprived dives surviving
Smoke spiralled gravel why oh
Why un ravels to manic melody
Making way for eroding doors
Exploding twinges form lyrical
Laden havens shaven sheared and
Awaken for brief spells of
Torturous teeth galloping for
The gallows of narrow headed
Sparrows carrying crieless
Cringes from tightened fringes
Abysmal whinge syringe
Intravenous on shores of Venus
Lures soul searching besmirching
The verse rises, the verse, verse
Verse rises from caricature
Curses and bullet proof hearses
Clogging holes in citrus souls
Forming storms of high pressure
Wit you were a poet and you
didn’t know it
Amidst dawns
Born the crack, crack cracking
Scorch of snapping wrists and
Pen fist kissing page after
Page in ink filled rages to
Old salty slurs squeezing brazen
Breezes and spiteful sneezes
Muscle tearing bag bearing
Coffee closeness inspires the
Fire once again, inspires the
Fire once again round the bend
To endless ruts and ifs and buts
Unleash great barrier grief’s
Falsetto stiletto walking endless
Lines breaking spineless refines
Silent ways and new dawn ages
Spitting peroxide prose
Forgetfully trodden in sodden
Grit, never know, never show it
You were a poet and you didn’t
That these words will tame
You, these words will maim you
These words will shame manifested
Membrane pain the same you fell
Over feeling peeling on pulsating
Skin spinning on nonchalant knees
These words will stir
Mountains counting blow after blow
After blow stones sew scintillating
Socked rock flock the airways
Ferocious fairway for pursed
Lips dripping sounds hounded
Down high pursuit stratosphere
Chases forged faces on brainwashed
Birds these words heroic
You were a poet


Mary le Bone

Merrily Mary barely Bone
Knowingly unknown knowingly
Sewn blowingly
Blown down cheeky chequered
Back scratch tracks
Chickety chickety chickety
Back breaking steak
Bake breakaways no ways and
Today’s playful soul
Snakes, awake ssshe wonders
All of life’s blunderous
Blunders a belligerent cat
Caressing concrete stacks
Chickety chickety chickety
Checking vacant
Vessels for my, my money
Makers and feeble fakers
In finery, dining on
Shuffles dining on hustles
Bustling tailored tussles
Cardiac’s coming,
Cardiac’s back chickety
Chickety chickety chack
Stops ’mind the gap’
Hops beyond ferocious
Fingers lingering
Lifeless centuries child
was mildly
Mannered armed with
Spokes and broke clogs
Blind barista dreams
Keister kicking scorned
For drawn out drones
For Mary
She but wakes up
Alone like, bone like
Condescending contact spies
Meek feeble framework berserk
Bemused, beatifically terrific
Wall flower being plucked of
Luck in rub, rub rubbish trucks
Stuck in traffic jamborees smog
Seeping sea salts faults of
Hard hat draughts drain for
Nothing, stuffing gormless gazes
Displayed in arrogant air strays
In nonchalant nostrils Benadrilling
Sinuses clearly cut two in one
Rat killer and vanilla distillers
Drastically drawn from born
Breathing, peeling pull over
Bleaches out of reaches out of
Touch Mary’s doing such and such
Prone for mattress meetings
And fella fleets to sheets in
Between so keen, so mean so
Thrifty and shifty fifty shuffles
For pocket rustle bouts blown
On sundry sniffles and back alley
Skiffle beats and self raising
What they pay poured on grazing
Lazing in grey days away, no
Where else in the world to stay
But soon the moon make
the spoon
Swoon on petrol liars and petal
Pliers for the night that    night
Any night end to sulphuric spends
And medicine mending nothing
Stuffing bleak cheeks for the
Creatures calling, sprawling for a
calling nout! Terrorizing Towers
In the well endowed hours showered
Light false hope and noisy rope
Cover blown for doesn’t eat
Dairy, old Mary a Cold War
Catastrophe, blasphemy blazing
Miss demeanour coming cleaner
Coming again for thoughtless
Things and fickle friends again
For thoughtless fickle kidney
Pickling peroxide eyes implying
The city loves the city lying
Crying stops      through shop
Sedatives for penniless socialites
Pulsating profusely under cover
Of dark, barking at the stars
Through painted lips and
Condiment hips licking white
Blissfully light breathing the
Been there done that’s
Perhaps in different hats splat
In the marmalade shading
Cravings the caller, craving
The phone the down and out
Story of Mary le Bone.



Eager eyes paved
The cattle grill
By perfect teeth
Bartering my body
No longer


From the sirloin
A grief laced

I’d been bred
Tangled in a rusty
The wielders whistle

Wriggled gristle
My hands
Painted red
And soon riddled
Lead on a medium heat
Or a
Driver seat

Though your job
Did I have
To be so


The Chair

In the corner there was a chair
Staring careless to the pitter
Patter scattered splat a tat
Tattered on those walls, these
Walls enclosed on a juxtapose
Supposing you’d been there and
Done that carving spats and this
And that inhibitions fall spitting
Ceremonious spores seeping from
Weeping willows and pillow
After thoughts bought barring
Desperation in educational
Eavesdropping nonsensical nose  bleeds
Kneading nourishment impeding
Encouragement for pests who
Cares, in the corner there was
A chair
Glaring gleams and
Thelonious themes for prolonged
Songs spun from lowest ebbs
Spread through depravity, cavity
Leaking double dares sparing
Lives pining faults in ruts and
Bolts jolting gelatinous joo joo
Nervous and impervious mumblings
Repetitive rumblings sting
Venomous musings using cascade
And masquerading mad caps tat
For tittles, bourgeois belittles
Skittles wondrously impaired in
The corner there was chair
Chantingly trudging, bludgeoning
Brave brain waves shaving
Shores of just a little more
Flooding doors shoved open
Rent for bent bureaucratic
Automatic blursday blares, In
The corner there was a chair
Spare for travel sick troubadours
Traipsing past picket line
After line past light bulb
Laden over passing out pouting
Shouting Shangri la la la
Lantern patterns perpetrating
Traitors with alligator traits
Guarding gates with gaseous
Gazes glazed for ages, stage
Set for brain socks locked
Insulating sins on the precipice
Perpetude and indigenous
Interludes shy of shoes and
Dharma blues spun for doledrum
Bums burning sauna always there
In the corner there was a chair


Rebellious Phase

Rebel phazer, trail blazers
Suit to kill spilling chaos
And preposterous panic                                                                                                                                                           stills
Forgone fleeing another    feeling
Thanking blanks of various
Ranks raking, shake, shake
Shaking, baking bread and
Headless dead end dreary
Spearing the indignity of
Responsibilities squeezing
Freedom sneezes and charming
Cheeses matured and poured
Forever for repetitive
Endeavours never, never well
I never she said bed bound
To the sound of burst blood
Vessels muddling mess of
Measles in free fall falling
Mournfully giving up calling
Careless constraints twisting
Paint peering, who was there
No longer steering to another
Day, I’m going through a
Rebellious phase
Rebel, Rebel
Deviously devilish battered
Fishy foundry pound for
Pound perishing unnecessarily
Close hosting, boasting helter
Skelter downfalls calling
Attention, calling redemption
Calling detention accepting
Pervious palpitations for
Reservations for statutory
Stations stops and bebop
Flops and flappers, handless
Clappers zapping noise of
Boys in rhubarb leotards
Sharing shards for yard stick
Praying quick but the vicar
Quicker picking hoards of
Cardboard overlords storing
Boxes and boxes of boring
Dressed for successes
Through mental messes
Pestering ferociously feeble
Festering angst at awkward
Stage of age I’m going
Through a rebellious phase
Supposedly honing in on
Hindrance hindering hoodoo
Pence for finger stains
Perishing mesh mangled
Fandangle bangle bearing
Plastic fantastic elastic
Ecstatic masking tedious
Tasks with flasks full of
Forget me knots knotted in
Pickled bowels howling
Horrendously overhead
Led decay ‘Can I please
Stay?’ relaying riddled
Nights and over bites
Biting eternity to see what
You’d never do and do
Again stemming furiousness
For beatnik stew
A rebellious phase at
Thirty two.