Poetry from Saddiq Dzukogi

‎I break the curse
like a kola
as the kiss
of an enemy
I suffer from
the saliva
poison coated
with candy sweetness
I break the curse
like a wall standing
as distance
between the hole
and the pole
of virgin lovers
Over it
I die
tasting what has long
been hidden
— heaven is a curse
for those who know no god
 the water smells
of love and death and rose
sweet hell swashing
a throat like whisky
passion is unlocked
while I lean in the corner
where the doorway stares
at me— fear is the keeper
of secrets– break a lock
and discover life

2. Doors Of Amnesia
      (for Farida Usman)
‎the news of your passing
strikes as quick as lightening
it is an unsinkable feeling
– it floats
face up, a net
woven on water
coils drawn on
“I know what your smiles do to me”
I haven’t been able
to straighten my face from a frown
no poems in the grave
or at least no elevator
to get the words head on
dip in the dance of the dead
I lean on the door of amnesia
I lean on the door of amnesia
like a beggar who does not
dare to knock.‎
3. Door of amnesia ii
‎dip in the dance of the dead
I fear to lay a foot
on this dirt, this red turf
I fear I might disturb you
in your sleep, the wind
pours sorrow into my eyes
death peeled an onion
and the water is rising
I am scared to find your face
spread as the blues reflect
images of pain stitched by a lightening thread— who is the tailor putting patches together
to form a collage a pattern
of all the moods you’ve evoked
in a flash back that rolls in the sky
like it were a screen showing
what I’ll miss
thick clouds have invaded a convex mirror—
it reflects the affairs of shadows‎.


4 thoughts on “Poetry from Saddiq Dzukogi

  1. Thanks a million dz! It’s quite thought-provoking, and beautifully made too. I like it. You thrill me.

  2. Very exciting to read not only read but to take in as a reminder of death in a way that challenges life. Thank you for your insight it gives me hope.

  3. This poem still pulls me in. It is beautifully crafted and just flow from one line to another with a connection to each other line.This poem takes to a new place and a new feeling of the images that is there. Thank you!

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