Poetry from Serendipity Sprout


Today I met an angel,

waiting in line to redeem our cans.

The line was long, shopping carts full of bottles,
a cold wet day, we chatted to pass the time.
A man walked up to me, I noticed his formal looking jacket,
his many necklaces, cross and crucifix, mother Mary,
a copper chain with the letters K and M studded in diamonds.
There were many in line, but he approached me,
eager to tell me his tale.
He spoke fast, with a heavy accent,
apologizing for his imperfect English,
He told of how he came from Czechoslovakia,
but fought for our country in the war.
He said he had been to heaven,
and returned to Earth,
protected by a blessing from Jesus.
His health was amazing,
at 75 he was healthier than the rest of us,
waiting there in the cold.
He said when it snowed, no snow would land on his car.
Everyone else would drive 10 miles per hour,
but he would drive 100.
The police would pull him over,
but they would not give him a ticket,
they would kiss his hands,
because they knew he was from heaven,
and he would share his benediction.
He was named after Mary and Joseph
something he only told his close friends.
I wanted to kiss his hands too,
but I didn’t.
I told him my father
also shared the initials
on his necklace, K.M.
a man who once talked to God,
through his computer.
As I was getting into my car,
I saw his parked next to mine,
a long dent and scratch down the side
told it’s own story,
don’t drive faster than
your angels can fly.