Poetry from Sravani

Those days


The patterns on my bed sheet

Take me back to those days

When I used to sit

In a nearby park

With feelings of emptiness

But the pink colour

Of my bed sheet also reminds me

Of those flowers

Which always smiled at me

And whispered to me

About the joyful life

I am living now.





My mother’s love is hidden

In my long strands of hair.

They are not just strands but a treasure.

I still remember how my mother

Used to oil my hair.

The pair of little shoes

Worn by my daughter

Were once my shoes

Gifted to me by my mother.

They are not just a pair of shoes

But a house of sweet memories.

My watch, purse and many things

In my house are old and have faded

But they still appear

New to my eyes.


My dear child


You had the most amazing eyes. Twinkling with innocence and curiosity

you became my world and my life. Listening to you reciting rhymes was

my only treat. Your little hands always trying to help me and wiping off

my tears seemed very sweet. There were times you made me angry but

glaring at you was never my part as you were my only child. I almost died

the day your father left us but prayed to god to keep me alive until I behold

you as the most beautiful bride. I never thought that I would lose you forever.

I am the culprit and it was all my mistake. Perhaps, I should have prayed for

you instead. You were my breath and my only child. Your smile was the reason

of my life. Now that you’re not with me, ‘grief’ has become my child.