Poetry from Sylvia Ofoha



Hot painful tears found their way out of my eyes,

One by one they dropped,

Baring my soul and making it vulnerable,

To excruciating pain and unadulterated hurt.


If choices were given,

I would stand bold and bare,

Of any emotion,

But not much was given,

As tears became the only solace and release.



They poured,

Drops upon drop,

Until they flood my heart,

And emptied my soul.



Is for the weak I’m told,

But as I stand shaking and feverish under rain of my tears,

I feel stronger and impenetrable,

And whole.


My love my love,

I sit here in your memory,

Chasing down the clouds of memories,


Your smile haunts my closed lids,

And your name seeks redemption from my lips,

Just you and you alone,


Home is a grave yard,

As the sound of your feet on the concrete of my heart is still,

Sounds and choruses of chaos and frustration is all within the coffin clouding my soul,


I want to be free of you,

But you claim my within as only thy thought covers all thoughts,

Set me free is a prayer I desire,


Goodbye has become an anthem my heart beats to,

Sorrows and pain has become a rhythm my eyes can’t let go off,

Loving you was a joy but losing you is my abyss.





Names I’m called,

Voices have scorned,

Screams have withered,

Favours have spent,

Chaos have resigned.


Unknown was us,

Unallowed is we,

Forbidden is you,

But how Is you,



Breathing has gone west and wanting embrace east,

Let the lips of our chastisers,

Be as open as the black hole,

For none of it shall withhold you from the arms I have stretched to collect you;


Charmingly awaiting for the downfall of the sun,

And the reign of the night,

To rekindle the depths of our hearts,

And drown in the sea of passions.