Poetry from Sylvia Ofoha



Even though I dwell in the world of man,

Where love is as a drop of water in an open dessert,

Love has become uncherished and vain,

And though my heart is open and forgiving,

And take life as is,

And fate as to be,

And will to take it all and more,

But without all this,

Dwelling in the world of now,

Pain is just a breath away.


Even though I suffer for the world of man,

Take the pain for another,

And have not a drop of love,

I am as an empty barrel.


Love takes all without judgement,

Lasts forever,

Is kind,

Love doesn’t boast of its power,

Love is meek and acepts all,

Is precious and dwells in thoughts of good,

It endures all the doings of man,

Love never fails, but where there is darkness and unforseen evil,

It dies.


Love is not fully known,

It is mystery in itself,

But where Love is fully worshiped it shall blossom and cleanse.


Lies is like the other side of the world,

Where man finds power,

And sees as a source of hope.


Lies is just like a pandora’s box,

When reaveled all the stains of the world and man,

Is open and stoned,

Lies takes all and gives none,

That is why love is the spring that washes away all filth of man,

And is the light that guides the world into solace and eternal peace.





Understanding the hurt to your claim became my fall,

I never thought you could set aside our union to make up with another,

Beckon on me again my love,

Forgive my what and what not,

Accept my faults and wash my soul with your love,

Make me whole and quench my thirst,

All for you,

I have become,

A beast untamed,

A sorcerer unleashed,

A viper unseen,

A seductress unknown,

Wild is my heart for you,

Crazy is my desire for you,

I am posssessed for your touch again,

Do I shall anything to rekindle our former,

Even take the breath of another,

Take me back or forfeit all,

Forsake me not and surrender,

Let go and let me,

I am all you need,

Or cry for your loss and dwell in your tears.






Gave you all the love you deserved and more,

Took all the things you threw at me without rethink,

Accepted you as you,

Loved you for we,

Took you for forever.

Taught as a child that love is beautiful;

Love is kind,

Love is longsuffering,

Love is faithful,

Love is understanding,

But all this you failed to account for,

Took all and threw into the sea,

Blame it on sin,

Blame it on the devil,

But I blame it on me,

I took it all without backward,

But all you gave me was lies,

Two sides of the coin,

Two sides of life,

Two part of love and lies,

Of forgiveness and deception,

But I will always love and take you as you,

As love is God.





Loving you was the best gift offered by life,

Your beauty was like a pool reflected by the the stars,

Your eyes were always filled with words you lips were unable to say,

Your smile was all I wanted to see as the days go by,

Seasons after seasons,

It was you and I,

But the day came when the roof fell over our heads,

Hurting and blinding us to the realites of life,

I thought it was all love took to overlook all the reality of us,

But the felling of the roof opened us to the realities of our overlooked,

As you took our love for dime,

And fed it with lies.