Poetry from Sylvia Ofoha



Staring out the window,

Hoping for a new sun to come,

Sun that can blind the darkness from within,

And raise its rays above the clouds of the roof,

Illuminating the grounds beneath.


I stood there praying for him to come back to me,

Hands closed like that of a praying mantis’,

But I was trapped in my own shadows of black and white,

As there was no color to brighten my heart,

The wait took longer than the birth of an elephant.


Can one weigh out a kilogram of fire?

Can one measure the cubic metre of the wind?

Can one bring back yesterday?

Can one find the exits from the world of the dead?

Can one point to the entrances to paradise?


But still I stood here hoping and praying,

For that sun, that beautiful sun,

That will bring colour to my life and smile to my face,

But a dream is always a dream,

And a wish it shall be,

Till infinity calls……..


Loving me….


You can’t be eating from a bowl and still be looking at the pot,

You can’t take me as a buy one get one free relationship,

You don’t love me,

You need me,

And I love me.


Choosing me is not a plot neither a form of revenge,

Choosing me is my redemption,

My liberty from your unending woe,

Taking away all forms of pain as I drown in the depths of joy,

To cleanse my soul from hurts tight unrelenting grasp,

Letting all go as I bask in the joys of my freedom,

Breathing in the scents of nature’s beautiful gaze.


My soul acceptance…..


Let me down at the banks of the river,

Let me go or drown me under,

Wow God wow,

During the creation of man,

Let me down you did,

Abandon me you accomplished,


As hurt and sorrow,

Became my everyday battle,

Let me go,

Let me go,

I am stubborn in my ways,

But gentle in my heart,


Hoping for you to come and take me from here,

But let me go you did,

You answered the only prayer I never wished you to,

And left that which I need you to,

Let me go,

Let me go,


But I am too weak to walk the rivers on my own,

My feet gives way at every step,

Let me go,

Let me go,

Take me back into your guide,

For I am too weak to go any further on my own,


I take my wrong and bury it within,

And cleanse myself,

From the depths of my unknown,

Take me back,

Take me back,

Is a prayer I need an answer to.


Seasons of mine….


Amazing amazing,

Childhood dreams I had,

Dancing in the midst of the summer glow,

Laughing louder than the blow of the breeze,


I had it all,

But it went with the summer breeze as winter graced it’s ugly head,

Hardship and sorrow,

Forgotten memories,


All seem hurting to reminisce,

Left behind as the fallen leaves in fall,

Walking through spring was as a century ago,

Wanting it all back as winter came hard and heavy,


Winter took away the clock of time,

No telling where or when it is all going,

But one beautiful morning,

A ray of sun came with its elegance and beauty,


Clearing and melting all the pain and broken dreams,

Open to reminisce all left forgotten,

Although the future unknown as it is to be,

With the sun comes a brighter everyday.