Poetry from Tony GlamorTramp LeTigre

Yes, This is a Metaphor
Although we certainly need traffic lights—
consider the carnage that would ensue without them!—
I can’t help noticing that the number of pedestrians
who stop at a crosswalk in a glazed-eye stupor,
waiting mindlessly for it to change even when there are no cars in sight,
greatly outnumbers those who rely on their own brain & senses 
to tell them when it’s OK to cross; it would appear
that thinking for oneself is a bit passé, perhaps deemed
“more trouble than it’s worth”;  
if so, I must dissent
—Tony GlamorTramp LeTigre

2 thoughts on “Poetry from Tony GlamorTramp LeTigre”

  1. I find that I look both ways in life. Looking for the good and seeking the love. I look both ways but I walk straight ahead.

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