Poetry from Tony LongShanks LeTigre


“Isnt this just heaven?” asked the lady pushing the stroller through the middle of the farmers market,
as she looked at all the affluent well-dressed white people around her,
& smiled in the lambent sunlight

The night before, the police swept away
all the homeless people who had built
a peaceful tent city beneath the overpass
over the course of the preceding weeks,
setting them back, once again, to zero;
perpetuating the harassment of the indigent at which they’ve grown adept,¬†at the behest of the real thieves & criminals

Capitalism, the worlds cheesiest religion,
sells us things we dont need,
tries every dirty, sly trick to squeeze more money out of us,
steals the world’s resources & sells them
back to the people (sometimes even at a discount!),
constantly breaks up community, continually renews
things that were just fine, tears down houses
that could have stood,
values profit over public welfare,
builds fences & little boxes around everything
in a universe where all is connected

–Tony LongShanks LeTigre

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