Poetry from Vernon Frazer

Damage Words Do
tumbler breaths
pop the bulging piñatas
         cigarillo mold
                               sat low
craving no translucence
where onslaught margin eyes give
             to the late underbelly
    of               alliteration by entreaty
 plumb           with bone-balding consonance
              hanging annihilation metaphors
              sending the faded tense goblet
              beyond whoopee room’s cloud
                   swizzle polyrhythms
                   measure oboe ire culminating
 races                  centrifugal
                            along the spice-haired veneer
         portal form          lipping the diamond image
         slipping its          grimy textual surge radical
                     the fashionable rapids
                               radical formulaic
                                         fits the anabolic trade
          time shades the queasy chiaroscuro
          stainless narrowly pipes the sodden
                                  darkening fortune to dividends

Downscale Dining
industrial memory hamburgers
weeping anywhere to salt
unconscionable ions
          hard against injection hours
          waste a violated pipe dream
                picket the what is
                of best incinerator growth
                       flying the exact
                       motor moaning
                                nearly each history
memories arch the clean ism
a mindless nimbus tissue scanning
           felt wild dismembering
                      urban throat choice
                      waxed all sculpture
thunderstruck                              reverberating
                  their subsidiary markets
                                  monetarily furnished
                                         later bystanders of course
the dead entry pinched side breath
longing for
                 blotches lingering
           a frieze along
           the crust
                 disgust plagues
                                           aching dole felons
                              the transgression
                              of moist sneakers
                              by a craven stage
         ate the slime glories
                     emanating paratactic textures
Retirement Village Evolving
desert scone
a shallow home to anything
     anvil matter
     a sure valence addle
              the stale discomfort
              pawned their root clusters
                              stereotype destinations
                              shattered to dampness
                the private mind
                plaid with diet oil
    that swallows the finer grill nest
       diluted traction
       prefigures bottle thoughts
          fire eaten
          from days of past waste
                                 key the sky
               the screen hint of reptiles
               layered grating where creaking
               paradigm torsos
                    writhe their body calculus
                    over a scorched distance
                    replaying their purity glitz
                           burning over
                                                             fossil divides
Sea Sounding Back
the dock sought
its paradiddle image blot
     nothing laid
           the faces deny their ears
the louder convection left the
slow fingers a massacre glide
while sacred white decorated
         the call
         of forks under water
                   rubbled verbs
                           their convergence
                           especially picturesque
subwoofers rampage cenotaphs
quest lost tunnels of scarred swing
             spilling delay
             repression ministers
             salt curio lava
                     the carousing riffs bridle
                          a crisped music
                          bubbled in puns
                                    and water memory
Crashed Landing
vexation whirls
curly surly and sudden
           (sewer use no guarantee)
     a hand-picked grifter
ocean quota slow
venting coarsened salt
      its motion
intent obscures the empty surge
          cyclical emotion
          involves around
          a surly warranty
                       abused the defective
rift, still
                     asthma convection
          a current passed tensely
          where the protective lift entered
stage right
                   riding invective saddles
                   to the last