Poetry from Vernon Frazer

Gamboling on a Fixed Deck

flexor bets
a paradiddle conundrum
no wallet left
for reflex

datum (Latin teacher
breach what is: seizures

a tendon cleft above rapprochement


slender beginnings deftly ended
while wending the garden sway
past sunset drumming
taking other shape

geometry serves a retrospective vindication


technical specimen pastimes
at the rages grating guidance
the perch meant
to cavern the evening

arrangement elixir tonic osage passage
defrayed no rubato seeping chronic
encore retention

a matter of glucose wandering its own pattern


no angle left
to play the trump card a script
running according

rerun’s in Haiti canteen
or off to the echoplex

no honest mirror left to reflect i(o)n

always a joker
to play

a dead hand

Staging a Name
declaration attuned perimeter
breathes lime lines
decibel leisure attached to stone

left patch a frozen memoir
proclaimed before justices
aligned persecution panel

no better fixation an acclamation
peer dotage
beer attached claims
rhythm pace the adversity

taming the beige
before their markers can
tuna the baking implement

a trim return
feeling the margin

a dashing ventricle bin repairs
cuticle franks exposed a meat

where the wannabe shed
grows heaters
under a slow first name

soon for Beverly
to change Hills living
place into logo

Routing the Underground

ochre legume
deletion follows the mold

a division lain
careful as the line
fuming once

past the cast of its onset


no formal attrition required


underground runners
extend photosynthetic gravitas
toward darker margins

as the flumes above them
breathe an urgent surface
conceals the eye from sun

or its blinding fires of vision


entropic discussion thins as it fattens


a harlequin legend
brings romance to beloved stone

colder than the first moon
turning its back to the nascent sun
when cooling turned
the eye back from heat
to scent the season


the shading runs across an old horizon