Poetry from Vijay Nair


Bleeding Kashmir










O, Kashmir! My Kashmir!

Why are you crying?

Who makes you cry?

Me? or, my rulers?

Or, your own men?

Or, our neighbours?

Repression is at home

She withers for long


Vale, you desiccated from


Peak or lake is a dispute?

Laughing waters on, it ripples?

Covered all pine, birch or maples?

Or, green carpet of staples?

Orchard yields pear or apples?

Outer beauty attracts all enemies

In funeral pyre her inner beauty

His rise in the east a truth

Her bleeding once in a month

But no bleeding menstrual

A heart from, Universal!

Disguised he; no a creator

Disputed head her destroyer

Abject poverty without protector

Adept at knitting life a worthless


Peace needs true mentor

Peace needs fresh blood

Peace demands sacrifice

Peace needs martyrdom

Peace wins when not give up

Peace breaks away and is not granted



©-Vijay P Nair -2017