Poetry from Vijay Nair

Mother my first God


Babbled a dual syllable:

Mama; my first cosmic sound

While she was in my binocular vision

Mother is not a simple dual syllable

She is a cosmos to all mankind




Ocean of love she my breath; leads

Me that lullaby into sound sleep

Sees beauty on all, she my eyes


Fragrance of life she my smell

Taste buds she a tongue of my food

Prayers to God she my soft lips

Smiles at all wonders of life


Feather touch when she my hands

Walks hardships through; she my legs

Cries for me for a cry of mine

A perfect gesture she all my emotions


Time, space or even death can’t

Separate a mother on earth

God can be experienced by miracles

Mother can be sensed without miracle

Then, who is true God?


©-Vijay P Nair -2017


Dedicated to all mothers on earth