Poetry from Vijay Nair

Black is Rainbow

She has a sense of shame

That she is a black lady

Nobody loves a black girl

Not even herself, she thinks

Always in mourning as she is

Wearing her blackness

She believes it may be

A curse of her past deeds

If it was her past deeds

Then, what would have led

Lord Krishna into His complexion?

He is the embodiment of all beauty

Who believes that black is rainbow

That forces you to imagine

Dear lady, don’t go wrong with black,

The most essential of all colours

The queen of all colours and it is poetic

In fact, rainbow is the colour of you

You are a magnificent reflection of God

You have a Universe within you

That mimics the universe outside

A little bit of the sun and moon in you

A little bit of man, woman, and animal in you

Darks and lights in you

Part of a connected cosmic system

No one exists without polarities

Wear black when you feel the need to draw energy

For reviving your strength, energy, and will

The mother of human species

Appeared in East Africa…

She was four feet tall and probably black

A hidden star can still be smiling

At night’s black spell on darkness

What colour the ocean is! It’s black

Black as midnight. Black and awful

Colour is the overpowering of black

White is bleached one by black

Black is associated with power

All vibrational energies of all colours

Are drawn into one place,

Ready to be used

One can see black light if one wishes

No curse led you into slaverism

It was your virtue led you into racial ableism

The fear of blacks has become

The dirty little secret of political culture

My Half Century

I completed the coveted landmark
Of my half century this year and
I am looking back to my balance sheets
Of my past to analyze to know who Am I
And what eminences and frailties in me
My youth age was a disease of hot blood
From which I recovered into middle
My error of age is to fancy that my
Experience is a substitute for intelligence
A false doctrine that I never trust as
Age brings wisdom; is true to my life
Problems require maturity to outgrow them
I am old enough to know nothing
But, no matter how old I am
Never too young or too old for
Going after what I want to accomplish

I am too old to become younger
Let not the youthful part of myself go yet
Childhood and adulthood were not
Factors of age but states of mind
I am still every age that I have been
I am ageless when I am in dream
The moment I regain my innocence
Is the sign of my wise and maturity
Orwell fancied once that at fifty
He would have the face he deserved
Had he got what he deserved?
Never follow a leader when walk alone
Grown men do not need leaders
They walk alone as leaders
Yet again walking into my second half
Like a priceless antique!

My Broken Soul

Once, it was a fine glass vase
With all transparency to see its beauty
No ambiguity gyrated around it
Everybody can touch its soft heart
Handled with care always
Kept all flowers of love
Mushroomed aroma of peace and harmony
Ornate with all morals
Made others to delight of seeing it

Then one day it was broken into pieces
It was then an object of disgust, of loathing
The moment it was broken
It was thrown into trash without mercy
It lost all its antique beauty
It wished to cry aloud
But, its mouth already broken
Its vocal cord also was broken
My soul searched its heart then,
Among the broken pieces
But, it was already stolen by someone
Dear, already you picked your piece
Then, help me gather mine
To matrix its previous beauty

 A true atheist is he!

A risible tale he always furphy
That there is no God!
An absurd drama it is since
He has a clear idea about his God….
Yes, ‘his own God’, who, an atheist
Wished to be being in his framework
A God who incessantly blessing him
With abandon of wealth
A God who provides him LOTO price
Even though he does not participate in gambling
On behalf of him God involves in it
A God who never punishing him
For his wickedness and evil activities
It’s not the true God, a believer believes in
That’s why an atheist has no God
And his God nowhere exists

If there is no God then from where
He has got an idea about God’s absence
Is a paradoxical Question about
Which, an atheist should be answerable
If you do not know anything about
Something then you cannot deny
Whether there is that something or not,
Is any believer’s stand against an atheist
Just imagine, Yes, just imagine…
If an atheist does not know about ‘AIDS’,
The deadly decease
Causing mainly through intercourse
Then he may be claimed zealously that
His whole family has AIDS
His mother has a womb full of AIDS
His father, siblings, wife and children
All they have their own account of ‘AIDS’
Since he does not know anything about ‘AIDS’
He never argues that there is no ‘AIDS’
Since he does not know whether this ‘AIDS’
Is a Jackfruit or a Coconut

In this stand point it’s very clear that
An atheist knows there is God
And he is the staunch believer of God Almighty
Than a normal believer, who occasionally
Thinks about God where as an atheist
Thinks about God incessantly, without break
Whenever he argues that there is no God
He remembers God Almighty
He will cry secretly for God
In the midst of all his difficulties
When in sick bed or in flood camp
That is what his fleeting disbelief of God almighty