Poetry from Vijay Nair

Life is a celebration  

Vijay Nair

Life is really a grand festival
With different shades and colours
In different stages and occasions
In stillness and in silence

ln motion and in noice
It is a season of celebration,
A celebration of the breath of our existence
It makes us free our mind to find the liberation
We have to celebrate it with full swing
And in every walks of our life to go higher
Until it becomes impossible to bring us down
All you need to enjoy this world, is imagination

Celebration is an act of expressing reverence
Our affection towards all being is the best part
Of celebrating our life blissfully
Celebration is an act of impressing someone residing in us
Love oneself is the best method of celebrating
Our life and then the world will love us
Each day renders us a reason to celebrate
Either a birth or a death awaiting us to celebrate
Celebrate stillness and silence alike
There are moments of joy and sorrow
Both we should celebrate in a grand manner
Don’t hesitate to cry when your sorrow over flows
Celebrate with tears when you are break down and
Transform your weeping into the highest form of joy
Don’t hesitate to laugh when it comes the moments of rejoice
Celebration is truly a confrontation, giving attention
To the transcendent meaning of one’s action

Yes, life is a celebration!


Hero number one

He has no official status or designation as hero
But it is the highest honour he deserved
Since the World recognized him as a hero
Heroes are not created out of a fiction
They are born out of circumstances
And rise to the occasion when their spirit
Can no longer coexist with the hypocrisy
Of injustice to his fellow beings

Being a hero means ignoring how silly he feels he is
A true hero is not only a brave individual,
But he dares to be different; and never go astray
To follow trends but creates new paths and walks alone
His secret of happiness lies in his freedom
And the secret of his freedom lies in his Courage
He is courageous, doing what all afraid to do
There can be no courage unless you’re scared

He is used to leading this hard life!
He is a hero who is afraid to run away
God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldier
Perseverance is the act of a true hero
He feels profoundly alone, cut off, unattractive…
His dirty outlook makes others to punch on his face
While he is helpless to show his beautiful soul

Aware of his singleness in his own destiny
While familiar with his final destination
And sometimes he feels like a soldier
Who can survive without love and care!
As a true soldier he knows nothing but war,
He for lack of an enemy, attacks himself
His battle is for true love and care
Men are poor soldiers in love’s war
And love is an endless war they always fail

Leader console the World with his vision
Hero console the world with his mission
He is free from greed and can do selfless services
Sometimes a hero is unbelievably good for so many
But terribly bad for someone else
The true hero isn’t the one, who is right,
But the one who steps forward to take the blame;
Whether he deserves or not;
And willing to apologize to save a relationship
The real hero is he, who is forgotten,
Forsaken and remain the nameless one,
In the history of time but his heroic death
Declares that how glorious he was!!!