Poetry from Vijay Nair

Vijay Nair

Vijay Nair



Sleeping Nepal, where no Sun rises,

No Moon smiles at; and Stars glittering,

Nowhere on the sky;

To regale a seeker

It is futile

Roaming across the land

To see at least

A candle light to delight.


         I can see the darkness;

Down deep into the sea;

Of the eyes

And soul of the land

         I can see the sadness;

Down deep into the sea;

Of the heart

And mind of the lad


No God Almighty, the creator

Alive here; to hear

The lamenting of the lad;

No saffron, the sainthood

Alive here; to bear

The burden of the lad;

        But, still both the God and Saffron

Lay claim on this barren land,

        Which itself longing like a whore

For a broken virginity

To make its womb

A blessed glen

Where the seeker

See the blossom of glee.


        Who cares the craving of the creature?

Who shares the gliding of the glory?

And, who can make them awake;

With the mind set;

Of, “Life is a celebration”;

When the whole land and lord

Sleeping; deep down

On the bed of ignorance ?



        Sleeping Nepal is a cradle

Between two super powers,

Where the creator and creature

Lulling without lullaby

As an essence of nothingness



        No Lama can sanctify this land;

If no vision with a mission,

Which Santiago,

An Andalusian Shepherd boy

Has abundant,

In the novel Alchemist



No lordship can change

The destiny of the lad

Who always starving

Without a sandwich,

While the Lordship dreaming

Of gold-ash to eat at the dusk


         Then, who can make them

Awake from the dark?

Only a noble leader can

Make them awake

         Sleeping Nepal

Awaiting a noble leader

Like Swamy Vivekananda

Not like Sleeping Buddha.

        Hereafter, I dream of this land;

Governed by a noble leader,

I dream of a system;

Where the work of a layman;

Not laid on lazy, but on passion;

        To put focus on specific missions;

Driven by goals relevant to lad

        How is it possible?


Since, there is no way

Other than India indulge in

Inviting the Sun God on this land

To light up a lamp on the life of the lad

And, then it would be declared

That, there is anymore Sabbath day!

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