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Vijay Nair

Vijay Nair









 A platonic journey of my holy lips!

My lips starts its platonic journey

At midnight from the curved

Ears of my lady love

The best way to reach her virgin heart

To make furrow that Eden

For a splendid spring


The brunette beauty have uncharacter

But, will have faith you no

If have character no

Your aristocracy lose

Venom worse than leads burial

Beholder both the holder

Whoopee lips enduring at once

Adam’s fall and sinner at all

O, remember not the sins

And offences of my lips

Forced to eat forbidden fruit

A sinner originated not first


She no longer a deaf

Move a muscle not

Hear my whispering lips,

A whinchat it makes a wiseacre

By singing sweet flatter

A flea in her ear not


Wins by note makes my lips

Not hold her heart of stone

At long but, her mourn not moan…..

Break that whip at last but least


She no longer a blind

Pay my lips a glimpse of glory

No, spirit of my wobbling lips

Halt at her lotus eyes

At all a surge on her flimsy petals

That wakes her upon Immortal bliss


Whippy lips raddles on brow

Where sprout a wave squander a lot

Not redeemed that tort of damnation

Withal my minx neath

An entice into that scammer,

My rhetoric lips ventured

Rambling lips ruminates all trifles

Of its cataclysm over my uncovered

Ruth a ruthless who’s,

Mirth mastered into a nascent splendour?!


Pliable lips abode on tip of the nose

Not naughty my nymph

Venerates to swap its sublime

Driven high, for stars lie hidden in her soul

Dream deep precedes the goal

My lips for every dream


Thunder is good thunder is impressive

But, it is lightning does the work

On her sultry plum, a pernicious cavity

My lips imbibed her own by

A battle of unconditional love

That hale a mental dynamite


Damp lips ribald its sooth

On my Jezebel’s rosary beads

Of a seat of emotions

Feeds my lips a plenty

Play the mice, a cat away

Waiting in the wings


Whimsical Lips not breather

Until it makes voyage unto

Her butterfly nut, which makes

My lips a dance attendance

On her Dutch auction

That navel gets involved with

Brazen lips my caged in,

Flesh a triangle that burrow

Scintillates high spot sanctified by

Holy lips my her driven into salvation

A gnostic ken elevated to

A swain as spiritual sign

Where ended its spiritual journey as a sign

© -Vijay P Nair – 2014