Poetry from Yusuf BM

Blood Party


Our meals turned macabre
Deserting our lives
Into the atmosphere of fear
Choice shakes
Death or life?

Gun sounds sweetened
Our ears like afro-beats
Dancing to death
Like it is makosa
Choice grumbles
Death or life?

Zero child- Cries of mothers
Only wicked toys
Rules the play ground of kids
And solemn lullabies walks around
Their smiling fields
Choice wiggles
Death or Life?

Humans- Preys to terrorists
Like lion and animals
Feeding on its choice
Blood- wine of theirs
A war
But, a blood party
And choice bangs
Death or Life?

~Yusuf BM

Author’s Biography

¬† Yusuf BM is a Nigerian teen author and a photographer. He’s the author of Brittle Songs¬† (Book of Poetry), he writes short stories, poems, essays and literary reports. He is a member of the Hilltop Creative Art Foundation (HCAF).