Poetry from Y.X. Xia


Something About Love

The only thing is I can’t even see it on my phone. I tried to download the most recent version and it is not the same thing I found the day before. I go back on track and I love it, but on the other hand, it is not the best way before the years came to be a good little thing with more attention than I thought I could hygiene.

The following Poems were written with Apple’s Siri. Full details released later.


I need to look it up

on the wheel again.

If you could logically

become whole people,

work hard with difficulty

of the harbinger come

and a little meat on what boo-hoo.

Why don’t you hold on?

It will kill the floor.


Hole in One

Your butt hole

to mislead you,

testify you,

or give it more question,

but on the whole

woke up hot:

it could walk

the Puppy.