Published books from Cynthia Lamanna and Jaylan Salman!


One of our contributors, the Egyptian poet and aspiring novelist Jaylan Salman, has a book published by the MediTheater foundation – a collection of poetry entitled Angel of Darkness. Highly recommended, 47 pp., reasonable price. Jaylan pulls off wonderful work with imagery to express themes such as women’s worldwide quest for independence, international cultural interchange, and awareness/celebration of every moment. We’ve published several selections of her poetry, please feel free to search her name from the front page.

Link to Jaylan’s new book, for online orders:

Just click the image of the book to order – PayPal and credit cards accepted, $3.33 in euros, $4.75 USD. The page is in Italian but you may enter your PayPal password and user ID as you would with any other page.

Also, Cynthia Lamanna, who sends in descriptive essays and short stories every now and then, has a children’s story out now with X-Libris, entitled Miriam’s Treasure. The book concerns a friendship between two elementary school girls, one Catholic and one Jewish, and how they learn about each other’s traditions. I believe it takes place several decades ago, in California.

Fifty pages, $15.99 in USD. Here’s the link: