Radio Flyer, a poem from Dave Douglas


Radio Flyer


I had my Radio Flyer

Filled with every need:

Television and speaker,

Access for the freed


I had my sandals

For the long flight,

And electric candles

To displace the night


I left behind the stagnant,

Imagination in my pack

Any direction but remnants

Of what lies at my back


But the whirlwind

Off in the distance

Stared and grinned

At my lack of guidance


Caught in a swirl of fear

My impetus was lost –

I wrestled with the jeers

And grappled with the cost


In a land without signposts

I forgot the map of the past,

creating new ghosts –

A thought not in my  forecast


With a tear to the heavens

I empty the Radio Flyer

As it alters my direction

And pulls me from the briar


Now, I no longer pull

But am led by this wagon

As my Radio Flyer is full

And light is my burden


Poem by Dave Douglas, who can be reached at and is an artist, cyclist and writer.