Referential Magazine seeks written poetry and prose submissions

Referential Magazine was launched January 20th 2010.

Since our launch we have released one “issue” which included a featured poem as well as several “referred” poems and one “referred” story.

We are currently open for referred material as well as for a new featured piece.

For more detailed guidelines please visit referentialmagazine .com/guidelines

In brief we are looking for:

Referred material – you can choose any piece of writing on our site (or an individual word/phrase in a piece) to refer another piece of art. This can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, comix, stage/screen, photography, art, mixed media, audio/video. The idea of referring is open to wide interpretation. We read for referred material year round.

Featured – We will be reading during the month of April for a new featured piece to debut in May. A featured piece does not have to refer to any of the other writing but just needs to be your best writing.

Again, please check out our guidelines but email us at <refermag(at)>
(replace (at) with @) for questions and submissions.