Short story from Diona Dorr

Vengeful Seduction

Curvanna, her name slid off of his lips, smooth like melted butter. His pulse sped up while his body reacted to the biological working of his manhood. “Dammit!” he cried out. The voices in his head began to taunt and laugh hysterically, causing him to have shortness of breath. As he stared at the screen he couldn’t resist the beautiful woman before him. Curvanna displayed velvet smooth milk chocolate skin, the ride of her hips curved like a winding road, almond-shaped dark eyes, and lips full; the perfect shades of pink and brown. In his world her very essence was forbidden. She was the serpent, he was Eve. The thought of wrapping his tongue around her swollen clit, made him salivate. The voices in his head responded with “It’s just one night. Your wife, your kids, no one would have to know”. He leaned back in his chair, as his temple started to pulsate. He sat up abruptly, yearning to stare Curvanna face to face, he couldn’t put his finger on it, but her soul was dark, as if she had lost herself. He had to get to closer, closer to HER…

Curvanna stood still, covered in her emerald green silk robe, staring out the glass window. Looking down from her classic yet chic styled condo, onto the city. Her thoughts began to eat away at her mind. “Clayton, he was tall, fair-skinned, and warming. The way his smile met his high unforgiving cheekbones, and the touch of his textured hair was enough to make her heart melt.” They had met at the tender age of 16. A pure love it was.” Curvanna punched the glass with a solid thud,and soon after  wiped her hand hard on the glass staining it with her pain. Letting out a cynical laugh, she started up the matte black winding stair case. Each footstep in sync with her heartbeat, she made it to the top, turning on her heels, and took a slow right. Feeling enraged, she stared at the door no more than arm’s length away as her knees buckled, and she stumbled to the floor. Her chest heaving, a single tear surpassed the corner of her right eye. “I’m doing this for you,” she whispered. Standing up with one hand over her stomach, Curvanna left a kiss of endearment on the door. She knew what she had to do and who to do it for. As she slipped on the white dress she said, “White looks amazing with red.” It had an opening that traveled down to the small of her back, the bust area lined with jewels to draw the eye toward her breasts. As her natural curly-coily hair fell down her shoulders she looked in the mirror while simultaneously lightly touching her chest. “I’ve been in the military for a few years now, you’re the core of my existence, and I want to make you my wife!” Clayton’s words stung like a bee in the womb of a rose. She walked over to her closet and pulled down a red velvet box with a lock attached. She hid the key inside the panel of her bathroom wall. Hastily unlocking the box she pulled out a Glock 22, suppressor attached. She kissed the gun with the same endearment as the door and made her way to her client.

Curvanna arrived at La Suite de La Vengence. One of the most expensive hotels in the city. She locked eyes with a gentleman sitting diagonally across the room. His skin beige, with a beard fit for a warrior, well groomed. “Hi, you must be Curvanna?” My name is… “Mike, I know,” Curvanna replied sharply. Mike was astounded as he couldn’t stop staring into her dark eyes, his lips slightly parted as he watched the jewels that danced around her breasts. He was completely amazed at how the white complimented the richness of her skin so well. Curvanna was becoming slightly annoyed with Mike, she was ready to accomplish the task at hand. Reaching out her freshly manicured hand she said, “Why don’t you lead me to OUR ROOM.” Mike couldn’t help but notice the o-shaped puckering motion of Curvanna’s lips as she said the words our room. They got into the elevator. Curvanna was curious as to which floor was their destination. With Mike still holding her hand he pulled her in close, so close she could smell the vodka on his breath. As he looked down into her dark eyes, she lightly caressed his face, while his hand went down the length of her back. “Just as I imagined,” said Mike. He shortly unlocked his embrace to press the 23rd button. Curvanna turned slightly, as her smile reached from ear to ear. He had made her job a lot easier. “So… how many kids do you have?” she asked. “I have 3…all girls,” he replied. When they approached the room, Curvanna made sure to walk behind him to be sure that no one saw them going in together. The room was dark with golden up lighting, red roses trailing to the bed. “I had chosen golden lighting to help bring out the undertones in your skin,” said Mike. He kissed her shoulder gently and said “not that it really needs any help.” Curvanna watched Mike as he started to get undressed his movements were slow and controlled. She wondered how someone could be so collected with a whole family at home. “Clayton…Clayton I have something to tell you!” “Wait Curvanna I have to explain something to you first.” “I know what I said about wanting to get married, but people change… I’ve changed and I want a fresh start. A fresh start without you.” Curvanna snapped out of her thoughts when she felt Mike from behind; placing soft kisses on her neck. “Let me go and freshen up,” she said. She swayed her hips left, right, left, right hypnotizing Mike as she bent down slowly to retrieve her purse giving him a nice sight to remember. She loaded the cold steel and twisted on the suppressor, feeling slightly heavy in her hands. Staring into the mirror her dark eyes were cold, empty, lost. She yelled out “Hey Mike, I think it’s sexy when a man is blind folded, it gives me complete control!” “Anything for you,” he replied. She walked out of the bathroom slow left, right, left, right. She straddled him, kissed him deeply and passionately, she let him caress her. He breathed in her sweet pheromones. Within the same breath Curvanna pulled the trigger three times, representing each one of his kids. His blood spattered intricately around her jewels. She got up and said “White looks amazing with red.” She put on his trench coat and proceeded into the night.

Curvanna walked in to her condo. Oddly quiet, but at peace. She headed back up the winding staircase and took a right. She opened the room door. The name Ambrosia in Pink and White letters spread on the wall curved like a crescent moon. She walked in slowly, gliding her fingers across the wall giggling. She grabbed the worn stuffed elephant with cotton slipping out of the ears off of the floor. The rocking chair in the corner had started to collect dust and the toys still in their intricate places. She made her way over to the crib. Undressing herself, she placed the bloody white dress in the crib as if it were a hand woven blanket created with love. “I did this for you, you would’ve been three today.” Her face pressed between the brown wooden bars, “I was going to tell you I was pregnant.”

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