Super Arrow Magazine seeks written and visual artwork submissions


issue 3 of Super Arrow is looking to gather.

We’d like to welcome you to submit your writing and art for publication in our online journal for creative experiments. The journal was originally conceived as a first cousin several times removed from movements like OULIPO, which is to say, process-informed, stretching, and connected to a collaborative/creative community. Please read past issues to have an idea of our aesthetic and project, but by all means please avoid feeling constricted by same.

Super Arrow is published twice a year, with a Spring/Summer issue and a Fall/Winter issue.

We publish fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and visual art. Please see our online submissions guidelines for genre-specific notes. In addition, we’re often interested in our readers committing to an “assignment” (i.e., prompt) – Issue 3’s assignment, TOGETHER, NOW, is all about collaboration.

If you have a work that doesn’t seem to quite fit with what we’ve yet described, but you still think it’s kismet – a critical essay, perhaps – please write us a note describing your project.

E-mail submissions and/or questions and/or…
<superarrowfliestrue(at)> (replace (at) with @)